Areas of Interest

Airola, Michael Biochemistry and Cell Biology Structural biology of lipid modifying enzymes
Boon, Elizabeth Chemistry Nitric oxide signaling in bacteria.
Bowen, Mark Physiology & Biophysics Single molecule spectroscopy; Coordination of post-synaptic glutamate receptor signaling by the MAGUK family of scaffolds
Brown, Deborah Biochemistry and Cell Biology The Brown lab studies caveolin-1 and other caveolar proteins, to understand how their interactions with each other and with the membrane and cytoskeleton are important in function in normal and cancer cells.
de los Santos, Carlos Pharmacology Research in our laboratory focuses on the determination of the solution structure DNA molecules damaged by endogenous and exogenous agents, and to establish structure-function relationships relating to mutagenesis and DNA repair.
Carrico, Isaac Chemistry The research in our group centers around the concept of chemical biology. In paticular, we introduce unnatural monomers into the biopolymers of life (proteins, oligosaccharides, oligonucleotides) for the purpose of tracking or perturbing biological processes.
Chowdhury, Saikat Biochemistry and Cell Biology Our lab uses Electron Cryo-Microscopy and other structural and biochemical techniques to understand cytoskeletal dynamics and regulation that play critical roles in cellular morphogenesis, tissue and organ development and cancer metastasis.
Dill, Ken Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology Modeling protein actions: Improving the physical methodologies in computational biology, including conformational sampling and solvation, for protein folding, binding and biological actions. Modeling cell mechanisms and evolution. Seeking general principles of cell mechanisms and evolutionary fitness. (3) Modeling the origins-of-life transition from chemistry to biology, where molecular systems become self-serving. The Maximum Caliber principle of nonequilibrium statistical physics: seeking a general variational principle for the dynamical laws.
Deutsch, Dale Biochemistry and Cell Biology Marijuana; molecular neurobiology of anandamide
French, Jarrod B. Biochemistry and Cell Biology Structure and function of protein complexes involved in cellular metabolism
Garcia-Diaz, Miguel Pharmacology Deficiencies in mitochondrial gene expression cause multiple human pathologies. Our lab combines structural, genetic and biochemical studies to understand the mechanism and function of proteins that are key for mitochondrial protein production, and investigate how the alteration of different gene expression processes can result in mitochondrial disfuction and disease.
Gergen, Peter Biochemistry and Cell Biology Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development
Green, David Applied Math & Statistics How can macromolecular interactions be engineered in a rational manner to have the desired effects in a complex environment, such as a living organism?
Glynn, Steven Biochemistry and Cell Biology Structure and mechanism of protein-unfolding machines in mitochondria
Hannun, Yusuf Medicine Bioactive lipids in cancer pathogenesis and therapeutics
Holdener, Bernadette Biochemistry and Cell Biology Role of mesd in embryonic development and trafficking the low-density lipoprotein receptor family
Hollingsworth, Nancy Biochemistry and Cell Biology Meiotic synapsis, recombination, and segregation in yeast
Karzai, Wali Biochemistry and Cell Biology SmpB-tmRNA quality control system
Kaczocha, Martin Anesthesiology Role of fatty acid binding proteins in pain, inflammation, and related pathophysiologies: Endocannabinoid pharmacology and development of novel therapeutics.
Levy, Sasha Biochemistry and Cell Biology Evolutionary dynamics, network dynamics, yeast genomics, high-throughput technology development
Liu, Chang-Jun Brookhaven National Lab Flavinoid/isoflavinoid & Plant cell wall pathways, Protein engineering
London, Erwin Biochemistry and Cell Biology Influence of lipids upon membrane protein structure and function. Organization and function of cholesterol-rich membrane domains in mammalian cells and pathogenic bacteria
Luk, Ed Biochemistry and Cell Biology Chromosome biology and genome regulation
Martin, Benjamin Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Our laboratory uses zebrafish to understand the molecular basis of stem cell development and cancer pathogenesis.

Matus, David Q. Biochemistry and Cell Biology Evolutionary, cell and developmental biological approaches to studying nematode uterine-vulval attachment and morphogenesis
Miller, Lisa Brookhaven National Lab Study of the chemical makeup of cells and tissues using synchrotron-based infrared and x-ray imaging.
Miller, W. Todd Physiology & Biophysics Signal Transduction by Tyrosine Kinases
Neiman, Aaron Biochemistry and Cell Biology The cell biology of sporulation in yeast
Obeid, Lina Medicine Bioactive lipids in Inflammation, Aging and Cancer
Raleigh, Daniel Chemistry protein folding, protein structure and the mechanism of amyloid formation
Rizzo, Robert Applied Math & Statistics Structure-based drug design using computational methods; docking, molecular dynamics, virtual screening
Rosebrock, Adam Pathology Regulation of central carbon metabolism during cell growth and division. Development of big data approaches for mass spectrometry metabolomic data
Sampson, Nicole Chemistry protein structure and protein function and synthesizing chemical tools to probe and control biological function
Schwender, Jörg Brookhaven National Lab Metabolic flux analysis, Central carbon metabolism pathways
Seeliger, Jessica C. Pharmacology infectious disease, tuberculosis, lipid biosynthesis, membrane biology, enzymology
Seeliger, Markus Pharmacology Mechanism of Protein kinases and Ubiquitin Ligases in Cancer and Aging
Shanklin, John Brookhaven National Lab Lipid modifying enzymes, Protein engineering, Plant oils
Simmerling, Carlos Chemistry Computational structural biology: to accurately simulate known properties of molecules, assist in the refinement and interpretation of experimental data and predict the results of future experiments
Simon, Sanford Biochemistry and Cell Biology mechanisms of action of serine proteases and metalloproteases from activated neutrophils
Smith, Steven Biochemistry and Cell Biology Structure and function of membrane proteins
Swaminathan, Subramanyam Brookhaven National Lab Toxins, Rational drug design, Databases, Structural genomics
Tan, Dongyan Pharmacology Structure and function of macromolecules involved in epigenetic regulation of gene expression
Thomsen, Gerald Biochemistry and Cell Biology Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development
Tonge, Peter Chemistry how proteins control and modulate the properties of small molecule ligands
Wang, Jin Chemistry biomolecular folding and recognition, especially protein folding and protein-protein/protein-DNA interactions
Wollmuth, Lonnie Neurobiology Fundamental mechanisms underlying the operation of ionotropic glutamate receptors, ligand-gated ion channels that mediate fast cell-to-cell signaling in the nervous system


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