Supported Research Initiatives

The Center is committed to path breaking research initiatives that have a high impact beyond the pages of academic journals. We bring together leading researches in the humanities and social sciences focused on medical humanities, compassionate care, and bioethics. This collaborative environment allows the diversity of our disciplinary backgrounds enhances the research conducted by our faculty.

A sample of major research initiatives undertaken by faculty members, broken down by methodology includes:

Social Science Research

Everyday Quality of Life in Older Blacks and Whites with Osteoarthritis
Dylan Smith

How End-of-Life Care Varies Depending on Where You Live
Carla Keirns

Altruism and Health
Stephanie Brown

Humanities Research

Measured Breath: A Short History of Asthma
Carla Keirns

Four Models of Moral Evil
Andrew Flescher

Interdisciplinary Research

Helping Others
Stephen Post

Research by Center faculty has been funded by:

  • The National Institute of Health
  • The John Templeton Foundation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program
  • the National Center for Minority Health & Health Disparities
  • Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Brigham Young University Provo, Utah
  • Johnson & Johnson Fellowship in Children’s Health, Woodrow Wilson National Foundation, Princeton, New Jersey
  • American Institute for the History of Pharmacy, Madison, Wisconsin
  • John J. Pisano Grant for Research in NIH History Dewitt Stetten Museum of Medical Research, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
  • Francis C. Wood Institute Research Grant, College of Physicians of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania