The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease

The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease: Ethical Issues from Diagnosis to Dying
Stephen G. Post


“With this second edition of The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease, Post has enlarged upon his original work in a way to make it even more useful and current. The updated version now gives a highly readable strategy for dealing with end-of-life issues, such as artificial tube feeding and dehydration. In his characteristically clear manner, Post equips us with the necessary facts and then cogently suggest how to proceed humanely and with absolute consideration of the person who should be at the center of concern.”
—Peter M. Jucovey, Perspectives in Biology

“ Post has provided a well-researched book with an outstanding bibliography that will be helpful to all caregivers as well as health care providers. The text provides information to guide readers before and during ethical and moral decision making and is very sensitive to the various emotions one endures when the diagnosis is AD.”
— Health Progress

"Health professionals who deal with dementia, as well as family members who care for relatives who become disabled, will find this book thoughtful, engaging, and provocative."
—New England Journal of Medicine

"The genuine concern and caring that permeates this well-researched, informative and moving book leads me to recommend it highly both to academic and general readers."
—Heythrop Journal

"This is a much needed and inspirational addition to the literature of Alzheimer's disease . . . Ethics Committees will find it invaluable as will nursing home administrators, directors of nursing, and all who care for people no longer able to care for themselves."
—Journal of Long-Term Care Administration

"An intelligent and morally informed treatment of dementia in the aged."
—First Things

"Full of nourishing food for thought . . . The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease presents the reader with a clear offering of concerns, ideas, and issues about the quality of life and quality of choice issues."
—American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease

"Stephen Post has produced an outstanding, potentially classic book. It is well written, clear, patiently argued, and broadly referenced. Readers can learn much about Alzheimer's disease from this book."
—Health Affairs