Craig Malbon, PhD, MDiv, FAAAS, FRSM

Leading Professor, School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology; Department of Family, Population & Preventive Medicine.

Medical Ethics
Social Justice
End-of-Life Ethical Issues

Senior Fellow Craig C. Malbon, Ph.D., M.Div., is bi-vocational, a biomedical scientist by training who holds the title of Leading Professor at the School of Medicine, Stony Brook University. He directs the Diabetes & Metabolic Disease Research Center and manages an active laboratory focusing in cell signaling. Prior to coming to Stony Brook, Dr. Malbon was trained at Case Western Reserve University, Brown University, and the Biological Laboratories at Harvard University. He was university Vice-President for Research and CEO, Research Foundation, SUNY/Stony Brook; Vice-Dean, University Hospital & Medical Center, Stony Brook; & Member, Board of Science & Technology (National Laboratory), United States Dept. of Energy. He is the 1997 Recipient, American Cancer Society Research Award, Honorary Member of The Biochemical Society (U.K.), and in 2004 received the American Cancer Society Award (Top 10 Researchers 1990-2000). Malbon was the recipient of the 2008 Goodman & Gilman Award and was elected to the rank of fellow, AAAS that same year. As a theologian, he was appointed as a Visiting Scholar at Princeton Theological Seminary (Princeton, NJ), received his M. Div. from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York (focused in Ethics), and performed chaplaincy training in the Catholic Healthcare Services of Long Island. In 2010, Union Theological Seminary noted his scholarly efforts in Ethics with the award of the Traveler’s Fellowship. His theological interests are in ethics, life, and society in 21st C America, with particular interest focused on end-of-life issues, right-to-die, and application of the moral theories of Immanuel Kant and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. His 2013 book entitled, Abortion in 21st C America (CreateSpace Publishing, U.S.A.) has been highly acclaimed [See Kirkus Reviews]. Similarly, his research group’s recent publication (one of 275+ publications), “Assembly of Dishevelled 3-based Supermolecular Complexes via Phosphorylation and Axin” [See Yokayama et al. (2013) J. Mol. Signaling, 7: 8-26], has been cited in PubMed as “Highly Accessed, 2014” with more than 4,000 downloads. Malbon’s new efforts continue to focus upon the intersection of ethics and theological constructs.