Michael L. Dorn, PhD

Project Staff Associate
Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine

Urban social geography
Interdisciplinary social theory
Alcohol & disability studies
Cultural geography of American medicine and public health
History of the book

e-mail: michael.dorn@stonybrook.edu

Michael Dorn is Project Staff Associate at Stony Brook University. He has degrees from Ohio State University (BS, Architecture), Penn State (MS Geography), and the University of Kentucky (PhD, Geography).

Michael came to Stony Brook University in March 2009, where he teaches disability studies to medical students. He has authored articles and book chapters in body politics, medical geography, disability studies, histories of public health, and geographies of the book. His PhD dissertation, “Climate, Alcohol, and the American Body Politic: The Medical and Moral Geographies of Daniel Drake (1785-1852)” was awarded the 2003 Jacques May Thesis Prize for the best dissertation in health and medical geography.

Among Michael's honors are fellowships and awards from the University of Kentucky Graduate School, the American Institute for the History of Pharmacy, the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the Temple University Office of Provost. He has studied abroad in Russia and Scotland, and taught service learning courses in the United States and Jamaica.

Master’s Courses
Bioethics, Disability & Community

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Book Chapters

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