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We welcome all Stony Brook students to join us in a respectful public dialogue over a set of issues that increasingly must be understood and appreciated by all citizens of a liberal democracy. The equal significance of the medical humanities, compassionate care, and bioethics in the Center should inspire students of every background and interest.       
What better place than Stony Brook University to begin something new?
Let's consider the current discussion of posthumanism (or sometimes "transhumanism"), a pure scientism that endorses fundamental alterations in human nature. The posthumanist embraces the eventual goal of decelerated and even arrested aging, but only as a small part of a larger vision to re-engineer human nature, and thereby to create biologically and technologically superior human beings that we humans today will design for tomorrow. Genetics, nanotechnology, cloning, cybernetics, and computer technologies are all part of the posthuman vision in which  biology is no longer destiny, but rather something to be overcome. Do we want to tamper with the delicate biological balance of death and procreation, and preempt the place of youth? Would the species gain or lose? For anti-posthumanists, the ambitions to create a new being who is no longer human are, it is argued, arrogant, pretentious, and lacking in fundamental appreciation for natural human dignity and vestures such as compassion and justice.

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