Office of the President


Dear Employee:

A strong system of internal controls is essential to achieving efficient and effective operations, while simultaneously safeguarding the University’s assets against loss due to waste, abuse, mismanagement, errors, and fraud. A strong system of internal controls is also a means of monitoring our efforts to uphold competent and ethical business practices.

All employees must take part in maintaining an effective internal control system. We must remain committed to achieving the University’s goals and objectives by maintaining a positive work environment, fulfilling duties and responsibilities while meeting applicable performance standards, and following organizational and departmental policies and procedures that support operations and address areas of risk.
Project 50 Forward, one of the most important initiatives that Stony Brook University has embarked upon in its 56-year history, is an integral part of the University’s commitment to ensuring appropriate review of and improvements to internal control and is dedicated to operational excellence, academic greatness, and building for our future. It is a comprehensive initiative designed to enhance the fundamental teaching, research, and service mission of Stony Brook University. To accomplish this, we must work more efficiently, more effectively, more strategically, and more creatively to streamline operations and improve accountability.
I encourage you to become familiar with Project 50 Forward, the University’s five-part Mission, its administrative policies, and its Internal Control Program, all of which can be found on the University’s Web site. Please also visit the University’s Fraud Hotline Web site for information on how to report suspected incidents of fraud, waste, or abuse.



Samuel L. Stanley Jr. M.D.