Stony Brook University has designated Douglas Panico to serve as Internal Control Officer of the campus. The Internal Control Officer is an individual with sufficient authority to act on behalf of the agency head in implementing and reviewing the agency's internal control program. This individual has a broad knowledge of agency operations, personnel, and policy objectives.

The Internal Control Officer is not solely responsible for carrying the agency's internal control program but is expected to coordinate responsibilities among appropriate personnel within the agency and to oversee those activities as part of an overall internal control effort, including:

•compiling an inventory of existing internal controls;
•identifying internal control weaknesses and implementing necessary corrective actions, including the findings and recommendations of any internal or external audit;
•updating, revising, and preparing internal controls to reflect current programs, procedures, and policies;
•compiling statements of management policies and standards;
•identifying internal control training requirements; and,
•conducting vulnerability assessments and internal control reviews.

The Internal Control Officer can be reached at: (631) 632-1439 or by email.