Gregory A. Ruf
Associate Professor
Asian & Asian American Studies Department
Director, China Studies Program
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1994


Courses offered at Stony Brook include AAS220 China: Intro to Language and Culture, AAS 221 China: Intro to Science and Civilization, AAS/HIS352 Environmental History of China, AAS/ANT371 Ancient China, AAS/ANT372 Family, Marriage & Kinship in China, AAS/ANT379 Ethnicity and Ecology in China, AAS404 Senior Seminar in China Studies

Research Interests

Gender & Social Organization, Political Ecology, Historical Anthropology, Ethnographic Theory & Method, Complex Societies, Agrarian Development, Environmental Management, Water Resources

In 2001-02, Professor Ruf was a Visiting Fulbright Research Scholar at Yunnan University, working on a field project concerning water resource management in the Mekong/Lancang watershed. During 2004-08, he has been a (part-time) visiting professor in the Anthropology Department at Wellesley College, where he has taught courses such as Cultural Ecology; Gender, Marriage & Family; History of Anthropological Theory; and Ethnographic Writing. He is currently completing a book manuscript on agrarian development and urban-rural relations in Sichuan province, China.

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