Diane Doran-Sheehy
Diane Doran-Sheehy Professor
PhD, Stony Brook University 1989


Course taught at Stony Brook include ANP120 Introduction to Physical Anthropology, ANP325 Primate Behavior, ANT/DPA567 Primate Behavior and Ecology

Research Interests

My research interests focus on the behavioral ecology and sociobiology of the African apes, and particularly on those aspects of behavior that elucidate issues of relevance to the study of human evolution. To address my research interests I have emphasized a comparative field-based approach, having studied all of the African apes, including chimpanzees in the Ivory Coast, bonobos in DRC, mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and western gorillas in the Central African Republic and Republic of Congo. Currently, I conduct field research on western gorillas in CAR/Republic of Congo. On-going research project with students include the relationship of foraging strategy and social relations in female gorillas, vocal communication and sex differences in foraging behavior.

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