David J. Bernstein
David J. Bernstein Associate Professor
Director, Institute for Long Island Archaeology
Ph.D., SUNY-Binghamton, 1988


Courses taught at Stony Brook include ANT385 Prehistoric Peoples of the Americas, ANT362 Long Island Archaeology, ANT353 Archaeological Analysis and Interpretation, ANT321/DPA527 Archaeological Field Methods.

Research Interests

I am an archaeologist specializing in the prehistory of eastern North America and have directed numerous field projects on Long Island and elsewhere in the northeastern United States. Most of my research focuses on past Native American coastal societies and has included the reconstruction prehistoric economic and subsistence systems, the analysis of settlement seasonality, and the study of stone tool technologies. In addition to teaching in the Department of Anthropology, I am also the Director of the Institute for Long Island Archaeology (ILIA). ILIA is a research, educational, and applied organization affiliated with the Department of Anthropology. It conducts research into Long Island's prehistoric and historic past, sponsors a summer field school, and operates an active program of cultural research management. The Institute offers research opportunities and financial support for undergraduate and graduate students interested in North American archaeology.

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