Affiliated Institutes

Three institutes and initiatives are affiliated with the Department of Anthropology:

Institute for Long Island Archaeology (ILIA)
ALIA The Institute for Long Island Archaeology is a research, educational, and applied organization. It conducts research into Long Island's prehistoric and historic past, sponsors a summer field school, and operates an active program of cultural research management. ILIA offers research opportunities and financial support for undergraduate and graduate students interested in North American archaeology. It is directed by Dr. David Bernstein.
Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments (ICTE)
ICTE The Institute for the Conservation of Tropical Environments is dedicated to science based conservation and research in the tropics with a special focus on Madagascar. It was established and is directed by Dr. Patricia Wright. ICTE coordinates the work of many natural and social scientists throughout Madagascar but has particular interest in the area around Ranomafana National Park where together with SBU it established the Centre ValBio, a modern research station which hosts hundreds of researchers, students and eco-tourists annually. The station is guided by an international consortium of universities and institutions that set direction for upholding Centre ValBio as a model for scientific research and training in a biologically rich tropical environment, as well as insures that community outreach including education, health and economic improvement remains a primary focus of the station. Dr. Wright is the consortium′s Chairman of the Board. Eileen Larney is Chief Technical Advisor at Centre ValBio, Dr. Benjamin Andriamihaja is ICTE′s Madagascar National Representative, and Patricia Paladines is Program Officer at SBU. ICTE organizes Study Abroad Field Courses every summer and fall semester.
Turkana Basin Insitute (TBI)
TBI camp life The Turkana Basin Institute is an international research institute to facilitate research and education in paleontology, archaeology and geology in the Turkana Basin of Kenya. The goals of the institute include building and maintaining three field research facilities surrounding Lake Turkana that will operate all year and support research and educational activities, including field schools. Professor Richard Leakey is Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the institute, Professor Lawrence Martin is Director, Research Professor Meave Leakey is Director of Field Research and Research Assistant Professor Louise Leakey is Director of Field Education. TBI organizes Study Abroad Field Courses every fall and spring semester.
Affiliated Institutes