Department of Anthropology, Stony Brook University, Circle Rd, SBS Building S-501, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4364, phone (631) 632-7620, fax (631) 632-9165

How to find us

Directions to campus are given on the university's web page. The department is located in the Social & Behavioral Science Building between the Life Science Building and the Administration Garage. Please check the campus map for further directions. If you would like to link to us electronically please find us on facebook.

Departmental Officers

Frederick Grine
Phone: (631) 632-9445
Assistant to the Chair
Megan Alberti
Phone: (631) 632-7605
Director of the Ph.D. Program (IDPAS Director)
Katheryn Twiss
Phone: (631) 444-6945
Director of the Masters Program
David Hicks
Phone: (631) 632-7617
Graduate Program Coordinator
Jean Moreau
Phone: (631) 632-7606
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Elisabeth Hildebrand
Phone: (631) 632-7615
EBH Director of Undergraduate Studies
Andreas Koenig
Phone: (631) 632-1513
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Tara Biviano
Phone: (631) 632-7620