IFR Accounting

Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts are self-supporting accounts that support activities related to the campus' mission. These accounts have clear and defined income/expenditure relationships. A unique aspect of IFR accounts is their ability to carry forward cash balances from one fiscal year to the next. An IFR account should have basically one purpose and one revenue source. Each IFR account should maintain a positive cash balance. The expenses charged to the account should be covered by the revenue which the account generates.

IFR Procedure Manual

Managing IFR Accounts Presentation

Course Fee Guidelines

Service Center Guidelines

IFR Allocation Worksheet

This worksheet (in Microsoft Excel format) should be used for the initial request of an IFR account and for the initial allocation for the new year. More instructions >


Initial Allocation/Form 1
Name Telephone Fax
Elizenda Mondesir
Budget Office
(631) 632-6090 -
Mid Year Allocation Adjustments
Name Telephone Fax
Sara Lehmann
Accounting Office
(631) 632-6029 -
Revenue/Expense Questions
Name Telephone Fax
Guneeta Jaspal
Accounting Office
(631) 632-6030 -
Lolita Sung
Accounting Office
(631) 632-5716 -
Robert Carter
Accounting Office
(631) 632-9516 -