Instructions for Telephone Usage Cards

Telephone Usage Cards are required to direct charge a Research Foundation account.

Long distance charges are allowable on sponsored accounts if beneficial to the research project.

Local usage, equipment & installation charges are NOT allowable on sponsored grants and contracts. Any exceptions due to project specifications must be approved by the Office of Grants Management.

It is necessary to submit a new telephone usage card for each funded budget period.

Step 1. Fill In All Information Boxes On The Card

Download (in Acrobat PDF format) the Authorized Research Foundation Telephone Usage Card. Remember to:

  1. Obtain the Project Director's signature
  2. Include State Budget Account Number
  3. Obtain the Department Chairperson's signature for authorization to use the State Account in the event that grant funds can no longer be used.

Step 2. Forward Completed Card For Approval To:

Office of Grants Management
W5510 Melville Library
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3366

Note: It is only necessary to complete one Telephone Usage Card when multiple extensions are being charged to a grant. List each extension in the appropriate box.